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Don't worry if you forgot to bring something. Rapid Pleasure Rafting Co. has you covered with a cute little store  full of just what you need to have fun on the Rogue River.  At Rapid Pleasure Rafting Co. you will find unique water shoes, sunglasses, eye retainers, water guns, snacks & soft drinks and much, much more.  

Make sure that you purchase a Rapid Pleasure Rafting Co. T-shirt or hat for a souvenir or gift.

Since 1982, the summer weekends have been pretty crazy for the folks at Rapid Pleasure Rafting Company. They load people into the vans with the rafting gear on trailers and drive approximately 10-miles up river to the fish hatchery, located just below Lost Creek Dam. After getting everyone settled in the rafts, along with basic instructions, the white water cowboys are on their own for the 3-3 1/2 hour trip down the beautiful Upper Rogue River, complete with an abundance of wildlife, and lots of fishermen trying to hook that big salmon! Stops along the way include a park about half way down where some people stop to enjoy a packed lunch, or a little further down river, there is a small "back-door barbeque " where hamburgers and hotdogs are served, or paddle up a creek to swim in the warmer water. (The river temperature varies from about 46 degrees in the spring to 56 degrees in the summer months. The creek water is usually about 10 degrees warmer.) Water fights abound on the river, so an ambush could happen around any corner. Although we try to provide water guns with the rental, we do run out during our busy time. They can be purchased at the raft rental, along with water, ice, cameras, sun glasses, sun screen, water shoes and soft drinks.

For  3 decades Dennis and Carolee Enriquez, along with their family have operated Rapid Pleasure, the oldest of the 5 rafting companies in the Shady Cove area. In 2006, they merged Rapid Pleasure with Rogue Rafting, which was owned and operated by their youngest son, Devon Stephenson along with his daughter, Ciara. Although they kept the name of Rapid Pleasure they relocated to the Rogue Rafting location which is right outside the park where the rafters finish their trip. "This is a big advantage because you don't have to wait for a pick-up: you just leave the gear and walk out of the park and we are right across the street."

"I love being in this business because everyone is laughing, smiling and having a good time, states Dennis Enriquez.  "We advertise this as a do-it-yourself, family fun section, a little adrenaline rush without getting you in trouble. It's like driving a car, you have to look where you're going, don't get too close to the river bank where trees and low hanging branches could scrape you. We can point out sections of the river from the van and give special instructions during the 15-minute ride up river. The 11-mile trip has about 23 class 1 - 2 rapids, making it one of the most popular sections of the river.

Leaving Las Vegas in 1980 was the beginning of a very different life for Dennis, Carolee and their 3 sons. After opening a Mexican restaurant they leased the back part out to a rafting outfit. "The next year we ran that business along with the restaurant. After five years at that location, just below Rogue Elk Park, we relocated the raft rental to Shady Cove, where we remained for about 20-years until somebody wanted to buy the property, but not the business. "We talked to our son, Devon, about merging the two businesses and we agreed it would be beneficial to all. Devon had been running Rogue Rafting Company for 12 years now and we had almost 30 years doing the same thing. By merging, it gives us all a breather. This is truly a family business. Now we are waiting for Tucker, Devon's 2 year old grandson, to grow a little and become our next helper.  With 3 sons and a daughter, along with Devon's daughter Ciara, and now granddaughters, Hannah & Megan help in the office on the weekends.  We have enjoyed working together and making this a fun, family business." In the winter, Dennis and Carolee go to Arizona; Devon has been known to work in Hawaii, go to Cabo or head back down to Vegas, his old home town; Ciara has finished college and relocated to Wisconsin.  Our granddaughter, Hannah will be helping us out this year! 

Not a bad life!!


Visit us at our NEW Location at: 
125 Chaparral Dr.
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Shady Cove, OR   975

We are still within walking distance across the street from the park. Just a short jaunt up Oak Ridge Dr.  Look for our van.  To better serve our customers, the expanded facility provides an easy access larger parking area, with a kid friendly safe enclosed waiting playground area.
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